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CreativIT Consulting, LLC dba Cloud 9 Solutions provides decoupling of enterprise systems by making data available in a platform-agnostic way. We can help you create an enterprise backbone through which applications can communicate with each other without knowing about each other. Message validation, enrichment, transformation, and routing is handled in a platform-agnostic manner helping your applications focus on their business proposition.

Cloud 9 Solutions can help lower your infrastructure costs substantially by helping you identify pay-as-you-go cloud services that are scalable, robust and highly-available. We can help you go wholly serverless and reduce your costs further, so you pay only when services are being used. We communicate clearly and in a language that is accessible to those who might be more business-oriented than technical. We are experts at making software reusable as re-usability is a primary tenet of our design process. We pass on the savings to our customers.

Core Competencies

  • Blockchain (Building decentralized apps (Dapps), cryptocurrency)
  • Big Data (analyzing and aggregating large amounts of data to drive business decisions).
  • Business Process Management (Facilitating Human Workflows that work together with Automated tasks).
  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Moving data center into the cloud, minimizing hardware costs, pay only for execution time instead of paying for servers)
  • Cloud Security
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration (move data from system A to system B, C, etc. without duplicating work).
  • Machine learning (Building predictive models).
  • Service Oriented Architecture (Exposing business processes as IT services that can be re-used across silos).


We are constantly learning. Blockchain is the latest disruptive technology, but we are already positioned for the change as data and application integration was geared towards distributed systems. We now had to learn how to build a decentralized solution using blockchain technologies in a hands-on way. We regularly take online courses, attend technical meetups and maintain current certifications.

I have worked Pro-Bono for an eosio Block Producer candidate. Provided them solution architecture for disaster recovery to match eosio SLA's in case their node goes down. Also helped them blockchain peer-to-peer testing.

We arrange regular beach clean-ups at Marina Del Rey.

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